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How to use program synthesis to secure smart contracts

At Synthetic Minds, we aim for smart contracts to be as error-free as possible. We take as input the code for a smart contract, explore its interaction space with other contracts using program synthesis, and then output the code of other contracts that could violate specified properties. In this post, we illustrate our approach using code examples.

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Program Synthesis — Smart Contract Security 101

Alex Vidiborskiy discusses how program synthesis can help secure smart contracts: "After reading this post you’ll know about — smart contract security, an application of Program Synthesis developed by Synthetic Minds and prospects of this industry. My previous post describes in details what Program Synthesis is and why you should care."

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Software writes Software — Program Synthesis 101

Alex Vidiborskiy discusses the opportunities for program synthesis to create real business value: "After reading this post you’ll know about — what’s Program Synthesis, how it works, what are the implications for a $700bn+ software development industry and what are the most interesting startups in this field. The 2nd post will be about my experience as an employee #2 at Synthetic Minds, a company that uses Program Synthesis to secure smart contracts."

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Synthetic Minds (YC S'18) raises $5.5M from Khosla Ventures and Pantera Capital to build program synthesizers

Synthetic Minds is backed by Y Combinator, and just announced its seed round. We are thrilled to partner with Khosla Ventures and Pantera Capital. The capital will be used to build the team, meet customer demand, and make progress on our aim of democratizing software creation using program synthesis.

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